First week numbers published “In The Club”

The streaming numbers for the first week of the single

“In the club”

which was released last week have been published. A whopping 13000+ streams in the first week of release and still rising. Our gratitude is monumental as we look towards the future. Thank you to all the fans who have made this possible.

Check out the Media page for more info

The New Single

The newest single by “Ram Dogg P” that is set to be released next week is called

“In the club”

The single is solely written, composed, recorded, mixed and mastered by me and will be released independently on RDP Records

New Release Date confirmed

The release date for the new single by @ramdoggp has been confirmed for August 25th 2020. The single that has been set for release is a step in a different direction for RAM DOGG P as it features a different genre within the musical spectrum. Be on the lookout for more updates on the new release.

The Invasion hits one million streams on Spotify

The latest album from Ram Dogg P called “The Invasion” has reached the pivotal ammount of one million streams on Spotify today. A monumental moment in the career of Ram Dogg P. Check out the Media page for more info.


Today marks a pivital point in history.

RAM DOGG P has past one million streams on Spotify. We would like to thank all listeners, streamers and followers for making this possible.

Check the media page for the screenshot.


The new single by RAM DOGG P is nearing completion and will be ready for release soon . The actual music is done but the artwork is taking a bit longer because of the artistic processes involved in the manifestation of the fitting avatar for this project. We hope to announce a release date shortly so more details on the way soon. Stay tuned……..